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How can I get my website / business to the top of Google?

The simplest way to answer this question is to pay per click for visitors to your website using keywords that will generate enquiries for your business. See the screenshot below for details when searching for a dentist in Parramatta.

Google search for Dentist Parramatta on a Mobile screen

Paid Ads Mobile Screen for Dentist Parramatta

Google search for Dentist Parramatta on a desktop computer

Paid Ads Desktop Screen for Dentist Parramatta

Should I be using Google Ads (Adwords)?

Absolutely! You are potentially missing opportunities to connect with targeted clients without Google Adwords, regardless of how well you rank in the organic search results.

Can I set up Google Ads (Adwords) myself?

Google Ads can be set up by anyone who is willing to invest a significant amount of time in learning the platform and best practice. However, a word of caution that campaigns not set up correctly can quickly drain budgets and cause conversion costs to sky rocket.

In addition, if your website has any issues relating to speed, navigation, browser, device (i.e. not mobile friendly), security (non https://) or simply lacking proper content, you might be throwing your hard-earned dollars away before you get any traction.

When talking to new clients, we often hear comments similar:

  • "We have tried Google Ads (Adwords) but it didn’t work"
  • "We have tried Google Ads (Adwords) but it was too expensive"

Ninety-five percent of the time, when we investigate a new client’s previous campaigns, we discover obvious reasons why the campaigns performed poorly.

Searchcrew have more than 10 years’ experience looking after Google Ads for clients. We work with clients with monthly spends from $1K - $150K. We have some very good knowledge of what works and what doesn’t for both small and large monthly spends. We have extensive knowledge in SEO and web development allowing us to provide accurate advice. We can be hands on with any required changes to your website to improve the performance of Google Adwords even before you begin. Give us a call on (02) 9188 0834 to discuss your Adwords requirements.

Will Google Ads (Adwords) work for me?

For most of our clients, we have been able to deliver a visible improvement to online conversions using Google Ada (Adwords) within three months.

The best way to find our whether Google Ads is right for you is to test over a period of three months. This is enough time to optimise campaigns and determine an accurate return on investment (ROI).

How much do I need to spend on Google Ads (Adwords)?

This varies greatly depending on your business and online competition. So that we can deliver the right advice the first time please contact us on (02) 9188 0834.

How long do I need to use Google Ads (Adwords)?

Initially, we recommend a minimum time frame of three months. There will be plenty of optimisation taking place during this time with both campaigns and websites to deliver optimal bang for your buck.

Provided the (ROI) return on investment is positive, we find that advertisers continue using Google Ads permanently.

We do not have any contract periods. You can cancel with us at any time and we will refund any spend that hasn't already been allocated.

Can you provide some advice on our current Adwords setup?

Absolutely, give us a call or send an email now.

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